Aug 20, 2007

renewing the stretch

I'm sitting around happily buttplugged tonight. The temperature outside is down and so's the humidity, so my A/C is off and my windows are open, with the venetian blinds down. Hearing people 30 feet away while sitting around my house naked with an ass-cork is rather arousing.

But I took SO much time off from plugs that I am having to retrain myself almost from scratch. For anyone who's ever asked if a plug or taking it up the ass will permanently stretch their asshole... NO. Believe me, it gets tight again. Feels like tighter than ever.

I have my medium dilator in my ass right now. And though my rectum is begging for the large one, just screaming for something longer and thicker, my anus is all like, "whoa there, big boy, let's take it easy." My anus keeps contracting around the neck of the dilator like I'm some kind of anal virgin.

Oh, well. I have all the time in the world.

This is me wearing my new Severin II buttplug.


daily plug said...

5 weeks without plug !
never had more than two days without all those years I'm wearing them ...

daily plug said...


Inox plug on the beach

Vacation is the best momment for non stop anal activity ...