Sep 10, 2007

stuffed and trussed like a Christmas turkey

Wow, I haven't posted since August 20th? Bad blogger! Bad! Go shove a chunk of rubber up your ass for the next 12 hours!

I've been insanely busy - I don't know that I'll ever get back to a comfortable 9-5 routine, so blogging will tend to be sporadic. Perhaps things aren't all bad, though. I spent all of last night with my fattest anal dilator up my butt, held in with my little string truss thingie and I slept comfortably the whole night. It's been a long time since I woke up with THAT big boy in my asshole and the sheer comfortableness of it was wonderful.

I got up, pooped, plugged with the Severin II and am now sitting quite happily with that one filling my rectum.

Daily Plug wrote in to show off this picture:

Outstanding. I like it when people write to me and send me their pics, plugged. It lets me know I'm not just speaking into the aether.

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