Dec 15, 2007

counting down the days 'til Christmas

Well, the holiday season is just flying right by. I have no real news - hence to posts lately - though I did have a couple stretches of wearing the large Severin buttplug for almost 48 hours. It gets very hard to wear past 24 hours, mostly due to the pinching the base causes. That part could have been designed better, certainly. In between using the Severin plug, I've been using the large anal dilator a lot.

Interestingly, I got out a couple of older toys tonight for some shower play. One was a crystal-clear medium size dong buttplug that I think I've only used once before - I bought it on a trip when I hadn't brought along any toys and I was getting desperate. It's OK, but not really FILLING.

So I opted for King Dong instead when in the shower. I don't know what it is about fucking myself in the ass in the shower, but it really is quite nice. When I'm done - and done washing as well - I feel clean inside and out. Very satisfying.


Anonymous said...

Just a question As I am also a butt plug lover... Well, I should say I like it and want to do more of it but has one ever slipped all the way inside? Thats what Im afraid of.

Anonymous said...

part of the definition of a butt plug is it has a flared base. that makes it different from a dildo which has no base. the flared part should keep you free of "anal intrusion." some of the cheaper toys out there dont have enough base to do the job, like an electro sex butt plug i bought recently, but you will soon learn what size your ass needs to be relaxed and comfortable; its not complicated. in the meanwhile you could wrap dental floss around some end of your plug, and safely shove it up your ass,knowing you can pull it out if you have to, at any time you desire. in time you will have confidence to put safe things in your ass, and wear them as long as you like. some of us enjoy this part of life a great deal indeed, without fear and anxiety. emjoy!