Nov 22, 2007

No Country For Pinching Buttplugs

I really like the large Severin plug - I can wear it for about 12 hours before my body wants a break from it. I put it in about 2 p.m. today, so sometime in the middle of my sleep, I will probably have to wake up and take it out for the rest of the night. I'm trying to shorten my rest periods, too. The Severin really is a buttplug one could wear 24/7 if one got accustomed to it.

I do have two issues with it, though. One is that my body seems to reject it after some time - as in, it's like an allergic reaction and my asthma will get a little worse. I've done this enough that I'm pretty sure the slightly worse asthma is tied to long wearing of this buttplug. It doesn't happen with my plastic anal dilators. Perhaps it is the material the Severin is made of? That I've got a slight sensitivity to it? I don't worry about it too much because it's not like I get itchy or rashes or swollen sinuses or anything.

The other issue is that the base can pinch! I find it helps to apply a little bit of lubricant between the base of the plug and my cheeks - but that doesn't solve the pinching 100%. Oh, the plug is fine when I'm standing or walking, but sitting, especially on hard surfaces like the subway seats, can be a problem. Not sure what to do about it, though.

Still, I have had a nice Thanksgiving with my Severin buttplug. I wore it out to the movies tonight and watched the very good No Country For Old Men. I didn't think ahead well enough, and got trapped where I was sitting. Couldn't really cross eight people to get out mid-movie, you know - but jeez I really had to piss by the end of that flick! Not to mention adjust my buttplug to relieve some of the pinching. I finally got to do all that in the bathroom. I had to wait for a stall, of course, because even if I hadn't needed to adjust my buttplug, I was wearing stockings and garters and my underwear is sports-style - no flap in front. I really didn't want to bare the garter for all to see at the urinals, you know?

As for the movie: two thumbs up! Just the kind of fare one expects from the Cohen brothers, though the ending is ambiguous enough that it will bother some people. Personally, I've got a new role model, but I won't say who.

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