Aug 24, 2008

Getting back into the swing of things

Unfortunately, dear Readers, I am going to have to keep disappointing you with so few posts. I am insanely, psychotically busy these days - almost too busy to plug, even. My various jobs are keeping me peddling as fast as I can - and I need to, because I have bills to pay.

One of those bills, tho, might just have to be an invoice from Mr S Leather, where I found this new NJoy plug just for men:

On the personal plugging side of things, I am once again back to my habit of plugging as soon as I get home and sleeping most nights with a plug up my ass. I have been working on wearing the hard (and thus somewhat uncomfortable after a few hours) Anal Dilator for longer periods. A couple of nights ago, I managed to sleep with it in my happy asshole the whole night. But by the next night, my ass was too sore, so it was back to the standard plug.

I often where the Severin II when I'm out and about and have started sleeping with it in as well. The more I use it, the more I find it is my favorite item to fill my starving rectum with.

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