Feb 12, 2008

Just checking in

Seems like there's so little time these days. I haven't been keeping up with this blog well because all my time is taken up with work and exercise. This doesn't mean I've stopped plugging - far from it - just that buttplugging has become kind of routine right now - there's not a lot new to tell. Winter tends to bring me down a bit, too, and what free time I do have is spent sleeping or reading.


plugfan said...

You'll be disappointed to know that I disposed of all 4 of my plugs in the rubbish last week... I've just lost that urge to plug. A very sad day... Maybe i'll get back into it again someday.

plug me ! said...

Remember when was younger I throw my first plug as well, but today I'm more like Buttpluglover ,
daily buttplugging is just a routine.

Anonymous said...

I'm responding to an earlier post on aluminum butt plugs. Mr. S Leather on the West Coast has a sized collection of aluminum plugs. I am wearing the XXXL size, which is six inches long, 2.55 inches in diameter, and one pound in weight. The cone-shaped ends foster easy-in, easy-out.

Wearing the plug is pleasurable, but it is also addictive. I find I can't sleep through the night with it in place. But if I take it out upon retiring, I can't sleep for wanting to reinsert it, either. A pleasurable dilemma, I suppose.

I am also enjoying the somewhat bigger (about 2.9 inches in diameter, I think) and softer three-tier barrel plug sold by extremeRestraints.

But my favorite insertable at the moment is a tall (six inches), thin (2.3 inches), twelve-ounce Red Ball can.