Feb 24, 2008


As promised, pictures. Apparently, I have NOT yet taken pictures of me and my new glass buttplug, but I'll get it done soon. In the meantime, I do have pics of me with an impromptu toy and me using an object of new fascination: a urethral sound. Keep in mind that what's visible in the first sound pic is only about 1/3 of its total length, and the second pic....? Hell, even I'M not sure where that sound is that I can get it in that deep. But there's no pain, no bother, and it can be curiously pleasurable. Why did I wait so long to open a new door???


gaymont22 said...

nice pics! I'd love to see more, they're my favorite part!

Anonymous said...

how big is that bottle?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to say I love your blog, thanks for writing it/publishing it!

Very sexy photos of you with your buttplug and the sound in your peehole is mind-blowingly sexy.

You should try e-stim next - with a urethral sound and a butt plug, the current would let you have one orgasm after another. I'm told it's the best sex ever, way better than a vibrator or anything else. I'm female, so I have no idea how it would feel to a guy, but guys really seem to love it.

I'm new to the whole anal thing, bought a buttplug set of various widths in order to open myself up for hubby. Now, after a month or so of play, I went from "no way" to anal sex to "please, please do it to me again" and now I'm experimenting with wearing a butt plug all day long. Sure makes housework more pleasurable, I'll tell you that much! Feels so good when I'm bending and walking around. Oh, I love, love, love butt plugs and anal sex! Wish I had tried this years ago, I hate to think of all the years I wasted without this pleasure.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I forgot to say, I've been playing with my own peehole since I was ten years old and read about it in a book. It really helps makes the orgasms more intense! My best orgasms now are with a nice big sound in my peehole and the biggest butt plug I can fit up my backside. Heaven!

Anonymous said...

Supplementing a prior comment reporting on pleasurably inserting a twelve-ounce Red Bull drink can anally, I have discovered Red Bull also comes in a 16.9-ounce can, which is over six inches high and is 2.6 inches in diameter. It allows piston action and is particularly pleasurable when warmed in hotwater beforehand.